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Objectsoft is a provider of quality software and services to support Java development. Objectsoft's products support open computing, portability and industry standards. The company also provides a comprehensive range of services, including customer support, training, on-site assistance and consulting.

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As featured in Information Week magazine for the week of March 17, 1997.

Code Management For Java

Objectsoft's object repository will aid code reuse

By Andy Patrizio
Issue date: March 17, 1997

The lack of source-code management in the Java development environment has hampered programmers' efforts to build production-strength applications-until now. Objectsoft Inc. announced this month the BrewMaster line of Java-oriented source-code management tools that should help developers better manage the application-development process.

BrewMaster will be available in single-user, professional, and distributed versions. BrewMaster SE is the first to ship this month and comes with features that traditional third-generation languages and 4GLs have long supported, such as version control for methods, and classes.

The professional version, due in June, will let users import and export their code to a main repository for other developers to access. The distributed version, which will let multiple developers run off the same repository in real time, is also slated for June release.

BrewMaster is a complete Java integrated development environment that offers, in addition to code management, the following features:

  • complete import and parsing of Java source code,
  • integrated version control for methods, classes, packages, and projects,
  • browsers for the management of projects, packages, classes, and methods,
  • support for class extensions,
  • code-search utilities to locate method implementers, senders, and class references,
  • building of management tools to support complex compilation.

BrewMaster is compiler-independent and will work with compilers and debuggers from Borland, JavaSoft, Microsoft, and Symantec. With the distributed version, teams of developers and their code can be managed. "When we looked at Java, we saw it had  nice GUI painters, but for writing complex applications, it was unmanageable," says Kevin Clark, president of Objectsoft, in Chicago.

BrewMaster sup- ports the features found in traditional code-management software, such as check in/check out and time/date stamping. But instead of tracking code, BrewMaster tracks changes to the Java classes, and offers rollback to previous versions if the programmer makes a mistake.

BrewMaster also offers a granular history of changes made to the application. Developers also can compare several revisions' worth of changes to see how their code has changed over time, Clark says.

BrewMaster SE became available on March 15. The single-user version will sell for $99. Pricing for the professional and distributed versions is not yet available. For more information, see www.objsoft.com.

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